Booking rules

Please search that you want on the travel agency's website in beautifully tours

Please all the questions we have made use of our online services online or e mail the answers and information you want

When you confirm and understand all the relevant rules on the network up and down single

Once your order says that you fully understand all of the trip, the payment procedure and handling, cancel the fine rules and agree beautifully travel agency reserves the right to correct invoice re-issued to visitors, such as a computer or human settlement error.

The 5 beautifully the tour guests the next single will reply to the guests trip whether to make the trip and pay the regiment confirmation within 24-48 hours, pay period, the amount and cancellation rules.

48 hours after the 6. Beautifully travel agents receive guests fare will receipt e mail to the travelers. Boarding pass and travel details will be one week before departure 48 hours to e mail to the customer.